Gojo Café

Eat together, share each other

 Thank you so your support. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again 

We are working to serve our customers to provide, safe, accessible and affordable Ethiopian authentic meal while practicing social distancing 

At GoJo Ethiopian Cafe we proudly serve authentic Ethiopian dishes – including a wide selection of vegetarian options. All of our dishes are served with Injera – Ethiopian flat-bread. This bread is traditionally used in lieu of utensils, so dig in and enjoy this GoJo (hot) food!                     

Enjoy the Ethiopian “goodness”!

separate order
2 Chicken legs gently cooked in berebere (Ethiopian paprika) sauce until tender and served with a hard boiled egg
Gojo special fish Gulash spiced with awaze | Ethiopian Paprika | onion, peppers and tomato
special order vegan combination (Group party)
group order
Fish dry tibs delicately seasoned with ethiopian herbs and spices
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We know that this might be a new experience for you so don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

Contact Us

 2838 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC  V5N 4C6

Opening Hours

Evryday  4pm - 10pm​​                             

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